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PLAYS-- selected




B-Side Theatre , Omaha                                                                July & Dec 2018

The Good Life

Midtown International Theatre Festival , NYC                                Nov. 2016

Jay and Ruby Get Religion

Davenport Theatre, NYC                                                                  April 2016

The Ditch

John Houseman Studio Theatre Too, NYC                                      June 2000

When Cotton Was King

Chekhov Theatre Ensemble, NYC                                                   April 2000

Staged Reading

In the Door (One-Act)

Love Creek Productions, NYC                                                          May 1999

Don We Now (One-Act)     

The Sheltebelt Theatre, Omaha, NE                                                February 1998


Shelter (One-Act)    

The Shelterbelt Theatre, Omaha, NE                                               February 1998

An Irish Wake          

The Shelterbelt Theatre, Omaha, NE                                               May 1997


ESSAY/FICTION-- selected

Orbis Books, 2020                                                              O Death, Where is Thy Sting?                                                                                                                 A Meditation on Suffering

Best American Essays 2013                                               "Occupy My Heart"

  -- Notable Essay    

Best Spiritual Writing 2011                                                  "A Figure in Black and Gray" 

Best Catholic Writing 2006                                                  "Merry Sunshine"

Agni                                                                                     "Bus"

The Cresset                                                                         "Sorrowful Mysteries"

America Magazine                                                               "After the Flaw"

Thirty Six Views of O                                                            "The Wrong Place"

The History of a Day                                                            "Will You Please Wash Me, Please"





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